The Grape Project

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The Grape Project

The Grape Project

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Love wine and hate pretention? Here you are

Small wineries
Careful selection
Sustainable packaging
  • Artisan wines
  • Dedicated producers
  • Local production
  • Small batches
  • Months of travelling to discover more and more different regions and producers
  • Extensive tastings by our team to choose always the best
  • Pay for the quality, not the packaging
  • Not one more drop of wine wasted
  • Lower environmental impact

How everything started...

We are three young scientists who in a serendipitous way discovered their common passion for artisan wines. During a cosy dinner with our international friends, one of us popped a bottle of excellent wine brought after holidays from a small vineyard. That moment we realised that our friends would never be able to enjoy such a wine as it was only locally offered. We also started thinking that the producer would never be able to exhibit this creation in such a wide audience. Staring at the empty bottle, we decided to act...


The evolution...

After nights and days of discussion (and wine) we created 'The Grape Project'. Then we had to deal with the piles of empty bottles left behind and here is the result: unique wine, affordable prices, boxed packaging. 

The Grape Project is here to bring to you premium, handcrafted wines produced by dedicated winemakers in small batches using sustainable packaging.

We are supporting boutique winemakers that use non-intensive farming and rare varieties contributing on the maintenance of local biodiversity and niche production.


...but let's call it our dream

So, our dream is to support small local winemakers by distributing their small-batched wine in the market and help them make their work known. Therefore we aim to modernise wine distribution through supporting small production and bringing variety in the market.


What does that mean? The Grape Project offers a holistic approach on the sustainable wine distribution. This involves the following;

  • One, recognisable, trustable brand name

  • Sustainable wine packaging: Efficient distribution with less environmental impact

  • A constantly developing network of small, local wineries eager to join us on this endeavour

Red riding hood

Get in touch! For any questions, collaborations or simply to say hi, drop us a line below