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One million reasons to drink boxed wine

Let's start from the simpler one: The quality of the wine depends on the grapes, the fermentation, the winemaking process, the love of its maker and many more aspects  ...but of course not the packaging!

Check the facts:

  • In each wine case the wine is only 40% of the volume (1)

  • 55% of the carbon footprint of wine in glass bottles comes from packaging and distribution. When using 3L BIB carbon footprint reduced by 40% (2)

  • In Europe 40% of the glass bottles end up in land-fields

  • Wine lasts for at least 4 weeks after opening. No more wine wasted!

  • Lighter packaging means lower transportation costs, which brings you the same wine at 30% reduced price.

(1) Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Examining the Energy and Carbon Footprint of Wine Distribution in the United States (